The Potential Cost of NOT Working With a Hose Safety Institute Member.

Posted on 11/3/2017 by SuperUser Account

When it comes to purchasing hose, fittings and fluid conveyance systems from a distributor, customers are often looking for the lowest possible cost - yet that decision may ultimately come at a much higher price in the form of shutdowns, lost employee time, OSHA fines for safety issues, potential lawsuits and potential clean up costs of spills.

Look at it this way. Would you eat meat not approved by the FDA? Of course not. Then why would you consider purchasing anything related to a safe hose assembly from a distributor that isn't a member of the Hose Safety Institute?

The Hose Safety Institute works with each one of their members to assure they maintain the highest standards of safety and hose integrity. These distributors (Milpaws is proud to be a Hose Safety Institute member) have access to best practices produced by the best minds in the industry that are continually focused on safety.

As part of their membership, Milpaws must commit to ongoing training and testing of their sales and production staff. So when you work with Milpaws, you can be confident you're working with a distributor who is not only committed to getting you the safest, most reliable and consistent hose assemblies - it's actually our obligation to do so!

That means you're a lot less likely to have accidents due to faulty hose assemblies.

You'll have less lost employee time due to shutdowns or even worse - employee injuries.

You'll have less downtime as a result of equipment failure.

You'll be less likely to have environmental issues that could involve spills with the associated cleanup costs, as well as the possibility of incurring substantial fines.

Bottom line, it makes good business sense to make sure you're dealing with a distributor like Milpaws who is a Hose Safety Institute member.

As a NAHAD Hose Safety Institute distributor, Milpaws can provide:

Safe Hose Assembly chart

Using a Hose Safety Institute distributor like Milpaws, combined with purchasing items from a Hose Safety Institute Manufacturer is the best way to assure reliable, safe results with all your hose assemblies.

There are many hose assembly distributors in the market and yes, they might be able to save you a little on your purchase. But are you willing to pay the price when something goes wrong?

Remember, the small savings you might get with a non-Hose Safety Institute distributor may be far outweighed by the big price you'll pay when something goes wrong. Don't risk it. Call a Hose Safety Institute member, like Milpaws, today.