New crimper allows crimping capabilities up to 8” ID hardwall hose and 12” ID layflat hose.

Posted on 8/31/2017 by SuperUser Account

Milpaws recently became one of the only hose assembly fabricators within a 125-mile radius of the St. Louis metro area to offer crimping capabilities up to 8” ID hardwall hose and 12” ID layflat hose. That’s big news for any client with larger hose assembly requirements.

A casual observer might view a hose and its end couplings as individual components. But, in fact, they’re critical parts designed to work together in a precisely engineered system. Thus, it takes more than good parts to make good assemblies.

Milpaws has a long history of making hose assemblies for a wide variety of clients. Our skilled craftsmen know that making the ideal hose assembly means crimping or swaging a coupling just the right amount to produce the locking interface between the hose and coupling. The end connection must be crimped enough to hold on, but not too much to damage the hose or collapse the coupling interior.

Now, with our ability to crimp up to 8" ID hardwall hose and 12" layflat hose, we can better serve our clientele who used to have to go out of the market for their larger hose assemblies.

It's all part of Milpaws on-going commitment to excellence - and to providing absolutely everything you need for all your fluid conveyance needs. And with our 24/7/365 at-your-service policy, help is always just a phone call away.